Marcin Gawin / United Kingdom

A participatory installation that examines relationship with our bodies. Hermaphrogenesis stages the immersion into the viscera in a meditative, ambient setting where participants engage in a reversed autopsy to rearrange human anatomy and create an androgynous organism.

Hermaphrogenesis is a project that seeks to challenge traditional notions of embodiment and identity. It centres around a participatory installation of reversed autopsy using biofidelic, silicone replicas of human viscera. By focusing on vital organs shared by humans and removing sexual characteristics, the project aims to transcend the imposed dominant binaries. Hermaphrogenesis bridges the perceived gaps between different bodies and challenges the hierarchical superiority of the mind over the body. It invites participants to explore and confront our internal landscapes. The project prompts reflection on the significance of embodiment and questions the ways in which our cultural understanding of the body is shaped.


Marcin Gawin

Lead Artist


Marcin Gawin is an interdisciplinary artist, broadly interested in The Body and its reconfigurations; how it functions in mundane practicality as well as in speculative realities. Having completed Marina Abramovic’s 'Cleaning the House' training he is interested in using live art as an artistic strategy. He is currently studying Virtual and Expanded realities at the University of the West of England, where his academic interest spans embodied cognition and speculative fiction. Marcin is a resident at Pervasive Media Studio for Creative Technologies in Bristol, UK.