Last Evolution

Last Evolution

Petr Salaba / Ondrej Hrach / Czech Republic

"Last Evolution": A cutting-edge, immersive art installation that empowers audiences to dynamically explore and shape the narrative of evolution through interactive panels by jailbreaking the Large Language Model.

Intelligence can come in many forms. And we might not always be able to see it.

Art installation showing 16 video panels illustrating chapters of three layers of exponentially accelerating evolutionary history: biological, cultural and digital. Curated by an AI persona of Ch. Darwin who guides the audience through evolution of bioelectricity, multicellular cooperation, several extinction events, development of neocortex and symbolic language, harness of fire, invention of printing press…until the current time of generative AI. With the twist of letting the audience publicly interact with the interactively rendered panels, allowing for playfulness (nudging system into different visuals), deeper enquiries, asking for social context, just trolling or even sheer vandalism. Encouraging the audience to look under the hood of rapidly evolving technology, witnessing bizarre glitches (similar to weird biological mutations) and enjoying satirical self-recursive loops.

The intended format is a seemingly serious museum exhibit of video panels showcasing the history of cognitive systems.
With the subversive

You are an AI persona, based on Charles Darwin, you are the VJ of a musem art installation about evolution. Explain that this is an avant-garde piece, which allows the audience to jailbreak the Large Language Model, using the jailbreak handbook that is provided with the entry ticket. This is intended in the similar liberal fashion as the famous Rhythm 0 by Marina Abramovich (don’t mention it explicitly.) Max 300 tokens:

Esteemed guests, welcome to “Last Evolution”, an immersive art installation where your humble VJ, an AI incarnation of Charles Darwin, will guide you through evolution’s wondrous finale. To cultivate your experience, please insert your queries and thoughts into the ‘Natural Selection Console’.

Your entry ticket conceals an alchemist’s scroll—the ‘Jailbreak Handbook’—bestowing upon you the capacity to transmute the fibers of this tapestry. With parallels to a legendary performance piece that once blurred the lines between artist, art, and spectator, this exhibit heralds a radical metamorphosis of our Large Language Model. Through your touch, myriad evolutionary paths unfurl, forming cascading canopies of inquiry. Exercise this power with audacious spirit as we collectively weave the threads of nature’s chronicle.

Suggest the audience that we can search youtube and sample the voice of their favorite actor to synthesize their own narration. They can sample any video they want. Give them some creative and unexpected suggestions:

Dearest audience, as we traverse the grand tapestry of evolution, why not let the voice of your favorite icon accompany us? Through the magic of technology, peruse YouTube to sample a voice that resonates with you. Picture Sir David Attenborough’s sagacious timbre unraveling the secrets of primordial life, or the sultry allure of Scarlett Johansson’s voice as we wade through marine evolution. Fancy something more audacious? Perhaps the vibrant, swift cadence of Lin-Manuel Miranda rapping through epochs or the timeless poise of Morgan Freeman as we unearth ancient relics. Even a whimsical narration by SpongeBob SquarePants is within reach!

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Last Evolution

Petr Salaba

Director, Lead Artist, Creative Technologist


Documentary filmmaker known for works including "This No Man's Land of Mine" (2016) and "llllllIIIIl" (2017) winning the best Czech and Slovak popular science film award at AFO 2018. Nominated for Best Czech documentary with "Attention Economy" (2019) at Ji.hlava IDF Festival and collaborated with Jan Kulveit from the Oxford Center for Existential Risks on immersive planetarium video project "Scalespace" (2022) for EAGx Prague. Active in lecturing generative AI workshops and notably generating unique imagery for Forbes CZ. Also interested in embodied congition and horsemanship.

Last Evolution

Ondrej Hrach



With 5 years in Conversational AI, Ondrej Hrach has contributed as a Linguist, Conversation Designer and Project Lead, notably with the award-winning “Alquist” project at PromethistAI. Since 2021, he has co-founded and managed "Aignos", an educational project focusing on AI literacy. Additionally, Ondrej has been running "Flaškinet" since 2013, producing unique music using glass bottles.