Dieseline Dreams

Dieseline Dreams

Max Göran / Sweden / 2024

The road holds a promise of freedom. In this 16 mm short it acts a form, metaphor and a cinematic mythology as a phantasmagorical mixtape about being and becoming a truck driver unfolds.

Two parallel stories share a drivers cabin in this film. A truck driver shares his thoughts of being a trucker while playing music from different corners of the world; cliché, romantic, rowdy music. The other story breaks in, a driving teacher instructs someone on how to drive a truck. The two stories intertwine, the truck driver turns out to also be an artist, while the artist becomes a trucker. Day light shifts over into pink sunset. Somewhere between fantasy and reality emerges a haunted hill with a ghost fox as the truck descends into darkness.

A soundtrack by Stix Omar (Easter) and Annette Nordmo is made specifically for the film.