100 Seasons

Giovanni Bucchieri / / 2023

Unique, cinematic autofiction based on 25 years of footage from the director's own life and inner cosmos. The relationship with the love of his youth is the anchor that makes this one of the great love stories of the year.

You don’t just make a movie like ‘100 Seasons’. In addition to being one of the most beautiful love stories and friendship films of the last year, it weaves together footage from a period of a full 25 years into a poetic blend of documentary and (auto)fiction. Giovanni Bucchieri stages his life story in many layers and with three main characters: himself, his ex-girlfriend and the bipolar disorder that colours his experience of the world in stark contrasts. Giovanni is a former dancer at the Royal Swedish Ballet with his then sweetheart Louise who is now a successful theatre director, while he himself has become a multi-talented artist struggling to make ends meet – also inside himself.