A Guide to Love and Fighting Capitalism

Basile Carré-Agostini / / 2022

A deeply sympathetic French sociologist couple specialising in financial inequality realise that it is too early to retire as long as capitalism still rules the world. A poetic, political and very Parisian film.

They are stopped by grateful youths on the streets of Paris and are the first to be called by the media when there are crises and scandals in the financial world. Monique and Michel Pinçon-Charlot are a French sociologist couple known for their studies of inequality and of the ultra-rich one percent. They have been in love for more than 50 years and have worked together at the prestigious National Centre for Scientific Research for most of that time, until they retired 15 years ago to enjoy the good, quiet life. But is retired life really the thing when you could be out there fighting capitalism? Or as Monique says: ‘Today, just like yesterday, there is no other solution than revolution’. In other words, retirement will have to wait as protests break out once again in the French capital.