A Journey and the Doors

Peter Alsted / / 2023

Would you let a stranger into your home for a night? A filmmaker goes on a bike ride through Europe to take the temperature of the continent's trust and hospitality after years of talk about borders.

Get on your bike. Ride down through Europe. Knock on random doors. Ask for shelter, food and water – and see what happens. That’s more or less the concept behind ‘A Journey and the Doors’. Peter Alsted cycles from Denmark to Turkey to explore the continent’s relationship with trust and hospitality. Awkwardness and tension hang thick in the air as he approaches his hosts in his cycling gear, knocking on doors and encountering both scepticism and language barriers. Along the way, he is forced to take detourr, stop for a snail crossing his path, seek atypical shelter from the weather, and ask himself if it’s all really possible because he’s a white, privileged man. A warm and wry film with its heart in the right place.