A Little Love Package

Gaston Solnicki / & / 2022

An exquisitely cinematic city walk around Vienna, where two friends must try to find a home for one of them. Every frame is a delight in a film that is neither documentary nor fiction, but plays its game without rules.

Smoking is no longer allowed in Vienna’s cafés. The city’s traditional Kaffeehaus culture is under threat, a sure sign of decay and mediocrity taking hold of the proud city. ‘A Little Love Package’ is a city walk, a game without rules, a film about two friends. One is looking for a place to live, the other is an interior designer. Starring Carmen Chaplin (great-granddaughter of the famous movie tramp) and Angeliki Papoulia (of Yorgos Lanthimos’ absurd comedies), it is an exquisite aesthetic experience as well as a liberatingly playful and unpredictable film directed by Argentine Gastón Solnicki, himself a guest in the city. Difficult to describe, easy to enjoy  and impossible to pin down.