A Silent Story

Anders Skovbjerg Jepsen / & / 2023

A film director seeks out his childhood friend who molested him when they were both children. He hesitantly agrees to meet and together they return to the repressed past in a brave and deeply unusual tale that breaks a terrible taboo.

Director Anders Skovbjerg Jepsen tries to understand what really happened during the summer holidays when he was a child. Behind closed doors, there was more going on than computer games and innocent play. From the age of 6, Anders is sexually exploited by a 13-year-old boy, Peter. It continues for a number of years during the boys’ summer holidays. No one notices and neither boy says anything to anyone. Today, both are adults and Anders wants to confront Peter about what happened then. Peter has not shared the story with anyone and finds it difficult to talk to Anders about it. Yet he agrees to try – both for Anders’ sake and his own. It becomes a poignant tale, driven by honesty, that highlights how guilt and shame are fuelled by silence and can cast long shadows over adult life. But also that there is hope and light to be found in breaking the silence and defying the pain. Jepsen’s debut feature, ‘A Silent Story’, is a deeply unusual and quite incomprehensibly brave film that focuses on a taboo subject: Around one in three sexual assaults against children and adolescents are committed by other children and young people under the age of 18.