A Storm Foretold

Christoffer Guldbrandsen / / 2023

Christoffer Guldbrandsen's long-awaited film about Donald Trump's former adviser Roger Stone is a chilling report from the rotten core of power, ahead of the riot on Capitol Hill.

With a massive cigar in the corner of his mouth, a drink in his hand, and an abysmal contempt for his political opponents, Roger Stone is the born advisor to Donald Trump. Stone is a Republican kingmaker with a track-record stretching back to President Nixon, which he has tattooed on his back. With unique access, Christoffer Guldbrandsen has created a film from the very centre of power in the final months of the Trump administration, culminating in the storming of Congress. Guldbrandsen is in the eye of the storm as Trump supporters move into Washington, and he is present when Roger Stone, the mastermind behind the ‘Stop the Steal’ campaign, must flee his hotel suite as the campaign culminates in the riot. ‘A Storm Foretold’ is the story of how an established political party turned into an anti-democratic movement, how rhetorical statements turned into violence, and why the storm on Congress became the inevitable end of Trump’s presidency.