A Tiger in Paradise

Mikel Cee Karlsson / / 2023

A surreal journey into singer José González's inner world of thoughts and shadows. Staged with dark humour in the picturesque Swedish countryside around his home with Ruben Östlund's regular creative partners behind the camera.

Internationally acclaimed musician José González has experienced several psychotic episodes in his life, a state in which he cannot separate fantasy from reality. As he recently became a father, he’s determined to never go there again. José shapes his life around this, living by strict routines while emerging himself in scientific theories and struggling with the lyrics for his new album. Obsessing over what he wants to express and communicate. ‘A Tiger In Paradise’ is a visual journey into the mind of José González and a deep dive into the creative, sharp and fragile mind behind the music.

A Tiger in Paradise is produced by the multiple Academy Award nominated and Palme d’Or winning film company Plattform Produktion (‘Triangle of Sadness’ & ‘The Square’) and directed by Josés long time collaborator Mikel Cee Karlsson, who has directed many of Josés music videos and also directed the 2010 film ‘The Extraordinary Ordinary Life’ of José González.