At the Surisol Underwater Lab

Ayoung Kim / / 2020

A simulation of the near future, a decade after the pandemic of 2020, which delves into a possible world, reflecting and distorting the conditions of the current world.

In the wake of climate change and depletion of natural resources brought on by fossil fuels, eco-friendly bio-fuels have become society’s main energy source. The chief source of energy in the world is macro-algae fermented to produce biofuel. In the Korean city of Busan, a ‘biomass town’ has been established over a long belt stretching from Gijang to the waters near the Oryukdo Islands. At Surisol Underwater Lab, which manages an integrated process involving seaweed farming, water quality, ocean currents, and biomass, Sohila is a senior researcher at the lab conducting reconnaissance in the waters in question.

Presented in partnership with Art Hub Copenhagen.