Baghdad on Fire

Karrar Al-Azzawi / & / 2023

A burning insider account of the hopes and dreams of Iraqi youth, led by a 19-year-old woman who faces the enormous consequences of fighting for democracy, freedom and a future.

19-year-old Tiba and her friends are hopeful. They are fighting for democracy in Iraq. They are on the forefront of the biggest youth movement in the 20 years since the US invaded the country and deposed Saddam Hussein. Together with friends Khader and Yousif, she has started a medical team that sews and patches and helps the brave young protesters when they have been bathed in tear gas yet again. They spend days and nights in tents in Tahrir Square in the centre of Baghdad. Here they discuss and plan how to bring freedom, democracy and change to Iraq. They are tired of militias, corrupt politicians and foreign troops defining the country. Tiba has left the forced marriage she ended up in at 14 and is also fighting for the rights of other women. ‘Baghdad On Fire’ is an energetic account from inside the demonstrations and of the new Iraqi youth. A story full of hope and faith and courage and joy, but also a story full of pain and the cost that courage and the fight for freedom will always have.