Being Human

Simon Lec / / 2023

Some of Denmark's most prominent voices contribute to this debate-starter of a film on the human condition and our perception of ourselves - and of each other, not least.

‘Being Human’ is a star-studded debate film born of an intense moment in time which we are all part of. The film is about the human condition – our notions and ideals about humankind, and how we defend our view in an intense struggle that reaches from the big arena of society to the individual. Structured in chapters and around personal cases that depict how people can deviate from society’s norms because of things like eating disorders or visible disabilities, and how we sometimes have to re-examine our view of humanity. Elegantly woven together by such diverse social voices as Svend Brinkmann, Caspar Eric, Anne Sophia Hermansen, Alberte Clement Meldal, Kaspar Colling Nielsen, Anna Libak and Frederik Stjernfelt.