Being Seen Seeing

Majse Vilstrup / / 2023

A flickering, fragmented observation from a street corner in Copenhagen, and a self-conscious study of the act of seeing - and of being seen.

A camera flickers in front of the iconic yellow wall at the Assistens cemetery in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro neighbourhood. From there it moves onto a person trotting down the street in a red top and cowboy boots, continues up into the trees and then out to the endless lines of cyclists. ‘Being Seen Seeing’ is an abstract and concrete observing gaze in constant motion. Down Nørrebrogade and in and out of the awkward, sporadic and fragile movements that are constantly taking place on the long paved catwalk, where there are endless possibilities but no possibility to escape. This is a street and a film filled with mistakes, intimacy, bustle, too much, too little, smiles, jovial small talk and broken promises.