Between Revolutions

Vlad Petri / , , & / 2023

Bittersweet and intimate memoir of two young friends' loyal friendship in the 1970s, told through an exchange of letters between Bucharest and Tehran as the two countries' regimes crumbled at almost the same time.

Romania in the late 1970s. Zahra and Maria form a close bond while studying medicine together at university in the capital Bucharest. But when Iranian Zahra senses a wind of change from her homeland, she quits university and returns to Tehran full of revolutionary aspirations. Separated by both the physical distance and uncertainty of two political regimes on the verge of collapse, the two friends must correspond and report on their daily lives via letters. ‘Between Revolutions’ is a bittersweet, intimate memoir of people’s struggle for a brighter future and of two people’s unfailing friendship – created entirely from archive footage and tied together by a colourful soundtrack.