Bottle Conditioned

Jerry Franck / United States / 2023

Cheers! The sour lambic beer that is experiencing a big comeback. Join us on a trip to the Flemish Pajottenland region and learn more about the process, tradition and the drama behind scenes.

Calling all sour beer enthusiasts! Welcome to the Pajottenland region around Brussels, the only place where the sour lambic beer is brewed. It is only brewed during the winter months as the beer is naturally fermented. It is aged for years in wooden barrels, which means that the production volume is very limited. With Oscar-nominated director Jerry Franck behind the camera, a world of beautiful, sour beers opens up through the eyes of prominent producers from Bokke, Cantillon and 3 Fontenien. Behind the scenes of lambic’s resurgence, a world far more dramatic than you would expect is revealed, with an industry in transition and a generational shift underway. With keen observations, the passionate brewers – young and old – reflect on the complexities of balancing tradition and craftsmanship with the demand for the historic beer that is roaring back into restaurants and pubs around the world. 
The film is presented in collaboration with To Øl.