Cross Words

Mario Valero / / 2022

Parisian nouvelle vague magic in a modern film made by a collective of friends that encapsulates both the shimmering unreality of life and of the corona years with a jazzy and restless energy. Shot on an old video camera and with radical artistic freedom.

Paris in summer. A large group of young friends in their 30s drift in and out of each other’s lives, while the newspapers report the discovery of two young women in a park. We are in the corona years, everything is uncertain, and the feeling of unreality is rarely encapsulated as originally and innovatively as here. With the help of good friends (they’re all in the film) and on an almost non-existent budget, Mario Valero has created the film that the French new wave cineastes of the 60s would have made today. An enigmatic and shimmering film shot on an old video camera with a jazzy and restless energy, and with a title that suggests structure, unexpected meanings and playful wordplay, all of which is present in abundance.