Dancing Pina

Florian Heinzen-Ziob / / 2022

Two of Pina Bausch's mythological dance works are reinterpreted in Dresden and Senegal in an iconic film that pays tribute to both Bausch and the hard-working dancers who today embody her revolutionary ideas about dance.

Ten years after the death of iconic German choreographer Pina Bausch, two of her best-known works will be staged under the direction of dancers from Bausch’s original ensemble. One will be staged by classical ballet dancers in Dresden. ‘Dancing Pina’ documents the two very different, but extremely demanding and exhausting preparations, where the goal is to gain so much control that you end up losing it again. Interviews with the dancers and choreographers, clips from the original productions and a modern look bring Pina Bausch and her genius back to life. And throughout the film, her soul hovers over the dancers and asks: How would you dance if you knew you were going to die?