Dear Me – A Letter to My Younger/Older Self

Stella Malfilatre / / 2023

Stylish, visual LGTBQ+ manifesto written by various queers for their younger and their older selves.

In a film studio decorated with flowers, a diverse team of queer people lie, sit and stand. They take turns reading a letter aloud to each other. The letters are written by them, and they have written them to themselves, both their younger and their older selves. There are stories about coming out, about the meaning of being queer, about not compromising, about finding a place to belong, about coming out on the other side of the uncertainty that comes with feeling different. The story is peppered with dance and big smiles, and ‘Dear Me – A Letter To My Younger/Older Self’ is a happy celebration of the different characters and their individual and personal experiences and lives, and of the importance of needing each other.