Deep Rising

Matthieu Rytz / / 2023

The depths of the world's oceans are the new Wild West as gold fever rages among mining companies fighting for the right to extract rare metals from the planet's last untouched environment.

At the bottom of the world’s oceans, rare metals that can be used to make batteries are abundant. The metals are crucial to securing a greener future above the ocean’s surface. At least, that’s the view of the seemingly environmentally conscious The Metals Company. So the company is lobbying hard for political and financial support to convince the world to allow it to mine the Pacific seabed. The problem is, we know very little about the ecosystems of the deep – and even less about what happens if we start messing with them. Deep Rising’ uncovers the ominous plans to industrialise the planet’s last untouched environment. Hollywood star Jason Momoa lends his voice to a revealing tale of geopolitics, science and capitalist interests, not to mention mankind’s destructive tendency to extract all kinds of materials for profit, even when we have no idea what the cost might be.