Delivery Dancer's Sphere

Ayoung Kim / / 2023

Techno-futuristic video work from a fictional future Seoul, where a female courier moves through the city's digital labyrinths.

En Storm (an anagram of ‘Monster’) is a female delivery rider who works for a platform called Delivery Dancer in the fictitious Seoul. The evening-night view of Seoul filled with artificial lights is somewhere between techno-orientalism and Asian futurism. In this fiction, Seoul is a labyrinth of endlessly regenerating routes, and the Dancers (workers of Delivery Dancer) pursue neverending delivery work under the control of a master algorithm called Dancemaster. This work is not only about the gig economy and platform labour, which have become immensely popular in South Korea especially during the pandemic, but also about the topological labyrinth, the possible world(s), the hypervigilance, and the accelerationist urge for optimization of body, time and space. It contains hints of a queer relationship with a counterpart from another possible world.

Presented in partnership with Art Hub Copenhagen.