Ent- (many paths version)

Libby Heaney / / 2022

Ent- refers to the unwritten future of quantum tech & its inherent ability to dissolve the computational binary of 0s & 1s. In this version, players navigate non-binary landscapes & encounter entangled forms & quantum generated hybrid creatures.

The computer game adaptation of Heaney’s immersive artwork Ent- allows audiences to experience and play through the inner workings of quantum physics – the innate queerness at the heart of all matter(s). Deconstructing Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights, this non-binary universe portrays the incredible possibilities of quantum computing to dissolve and entangle seemingly fixed identities. The game brings audiences closer to quantum’s materiality, to see and feel what it means to be in a superposition – in two or more states at once. These new quantum ways of being are starting points to reimagine our material existence and contemplate possible futures away from binary categorisations.