Eternal Father

Omer Sami / Denmark / 2023

Hadji, 9, Wynette, 12, and Fraulein, 14, watch as their father Nasar opens up big questions about eternity, because his plan is to be with his family - forever.

What if we lived forever? The three siblings Hadji, Wynette and Fraulein are 9, 12 and 14 years old respectively. Their father Nasar is getting old. He is 26 years older than their mum and now he has an idea. He will pay to be frozen before he dies, in the hope of being revived and experiencing his children’s adulthood. Technology makes it possible to defy death, but what does the possibility and idea of eternal life really mean for this little family? And what would it mean for us if we could always be with our family – forever?