Even Hell has its Heroes

Clyde Petersen / / 2023

Seattle's swampy rivers and wild forests set an atmospheric scene for the tale of Earth – the slowest metal band on earth - which created the drone metal genre, was an inspiration to the grunge rock scene and had an unfortunate hand in Kurt Cobain's death.

Earth is a band that usually lets their tectonically slow drone-metal speak for itself. But now director Clyde Petersen has managed to make the definitive film about the band, with a gritty, analogue aesthetic that perfectly matches the brooding music. With small-town boredom and the Sub Pop label as his co-conspirators, the band’s only solid rock, Dylan Carlson, launched the drone-metal genre in 1989. But a massive heroin addiction and the grief of losing his best friend, Kurt Cobain, could have short-circuited the still-active band long ago. Stripped of cheap effects and cheeky montage sequences, the film meanders through Seattle’s swampy rivers and Earth’s unlikely paths in life in the best possible way  with an original score created for the film by the band themselves.