Faith, Hope & Pottery

Nadia Rosalie Nissen / / 2023

The camera and the center of attention turn 180 degrees when actress Laura Drasbæk suddenly confronts the film's director with her own denial and shattered acting dreams.

Danish actress Laura Drasbæk dreams of becoming a slightly crazy pottery lady. She’s taken up pottery to have something else to do in her life besides acting. Her former student Nadia visits her to make a film about the career change. But it soon becomes clear to the potter that her former student has come to her for another reason. Then suddenly the focus and camera turn 180 degrees and the film becomes about Nadia and the denial and broken dreams she carries around after not being accepted to acting school. ‘Faith, Hope & Pottery’ is a warm film about the autonomous paths of the subconscious, about how much you want something and when to give up, and of course about making clay and waiting to see if the cup will be crooked or good, or your very own.