Feminism WTF

Katharina Mückstein / / 2023

Feminism for beginners - and for everyone else who needs to shake up their habitual thinking! A lively discussion club of a film that tests the many theories in practice through social experiments and performative interventions.

The philosopher Immanuel Kant said that biology is our destiny. But ‘Feminism WTF’ tears that theory apart first thing. Through lively interviews with everyone from biologists, sociologists and men’s studies scholars to activists, diversity researchers, poets and racial scientists, the film explores what we really mean when we use the word feminism. And it quickly becomes clear that it’s not just about gender, but also about race, class, capitalism, representation, binary systems and colonial history. ‘Feminism WTF’ is a visual film with performative interventions into the stream of thought and speech, as the many theories are tested out through social experimentats and pastel-coloured dance routines. Who said that political activism couldn’t be an intellectual party?