Jumana Manna / / 2022

A rebellious, liberating and surprisingly humorous perspective on the conflict between Palestine and Israel told by Palestinians who defy Israeli laws to pick akkoub - a tasty herb that is essential to any local recipe.

‘I don’t care about the verdict. I will continue to pick akkoub and fight for my principles. I don’t give a damn about this law’. That’s how an elderly Palestinian man responds to Israeli nature patrols when they arrest him for picking his favourite herbs on some hills in Palestine. Like the other people who walk around the land gathering seeds, the old man is proud. He is not afraid of fines or jail. In her mischievous and liberatingly humorous film, CPH:DOX-winning artist Jumana Manna (‘Wild Relatives’, 2018) follows the path of special herbs from nature into Palestinian kitchens. A mischievous film about the quiet, stubborn resistance of a people.