Grand Me

Grand Me

Atiye Zare Arandi / Belgium & Iran / 2024

The young Iranian Melina lives with her grandparents because neither of her divorced parents is willing to take her in. Turning nine, Melina is legally coming of age and considers opening her custody case in court.

Esfahan, Iran. Melina lives with her grandparents. Since her parents’ divorce neither of them is willing to take on her legal custody. Melina is longing for a home and a family of her own, unhappy with her situation because she feels different from other kids. Actually, Melina wants to live with her mother, but this is not possible because both her father and new stepfather are against it. Melina’s mother lives in permanent struggle between a proper relationship with her child and the relationship with her new spouse.
Celebrating her 9th birthday, Melina is finally old enough to bring her custody case to court. With the law on her side, she hopes to eventually choose her own custodian. Unfortunately Melina is not aware of how the adult world is organized and how reality will probably play out differently.