Green City Life

Manon Turina & François Marques / / 2023

What will the green cities of the future look like? The answers are plenty on a tour of the world's cities in a film that looks at solutions rather than problems with optimism and contagious energy.

As the world’s population continues to grow, temperatures continue to rise and ecosystems die out, a young French couple are discovering the importance of rethinking the way we build and live in cities. Neither ecologists nor scientists, they describe themselves as two concerned city lovers. With that concern as their driving force, they start travelling the world to visit cities and talk to urban farmers, plant architects, guerilla gardeners and other inspiring people to get help on how to design tomorrow’s ideal green city. Told at a height where everyone can follow, ‘Green City Life’ focuses on solutions rather than problems and as it slowly grows onwards and upwards it develops into a little bombshell of hope and energy.