Mia Engberg / / 2023

A personal and poetic film-essay that effortlessly draws threads from her wild youth in Paris and up to the present day, when the director receives a message that changes her life in an instant.

A dark blue night sky. A bird flying through the air. The unmistakable bright light of the hospital corridor. One senses that Swedish Mia Engberg could express herself freely in all art forms, so when she has chosen the film, it is a choice made with an artist’s eye for all the possibilities of the medium. ‘Hypermoon’ is a poetic and personal film that draws threads across time and place. From Paris in the wild years of her youth with her small-time gangster boyfriend Vincent, and up to Stockholm today, where Engberg receives an unexpected diagnosis. The story of Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman to fly through space, provides counterbalance and meaning with an ease and immediacy that testifies to the fact that we are watching a film that is the result of years of careful consideration of both the aesthetics of film and life itself. ‘Hypermoon’ is the third and independent part of a trilogy that began with ‘Belleville Baby’ and continued with ‘Lucky One’ (CPH:DOX 2013 and 2019).