I Have Electric Dreams

Valentina Maurel / , & / 2022

Award-winning, impressionistic feature film from Costa Rica about a 16-year-old girl, her unpredictable bohemian father, and her first encounters with adulthood and sexuality.

Some films manage to portray life and the world as it actually feels. Valentina Maurel’s award-winning feature ‘I Have Electric Dreams’ is not just one of them – it’s one of the best. 16-year-old Eva dreams of living with her bohemian father. He’s cool, writes poetry, lets her smoke cigarettes and has exciting friends. But his temper is uncontrollable, and he doesn’t have a proper place to live. So while Eva’s friends swipe through Tinder, she’s rummaging through housing adverts herself to find a flat for her dad with an extra room for her. An impressionistic coming-of-age story where aggression and anger, love and hate are intertwined with a young girl’s sexual awakening.