Inside Kabul

Caroline Gillet & Denis Walgenwitz / & / 2023

Simple and beautifully animated audio diary about two Afghan women's very different choices and reactions when the Taliban reentered Afghanistan and ruled the country and its people - told by the two women themselves.

Afghan friends Marwa and Raha grew up in Kabul. Often they have listened to their parents’ stories about the time in the 1990s when Afghanistan was ruled by the Taliban. They were stories of conditions they thought would never return. But in 2021, the country fell back into Taliban hands. Raha decided to stay in the country, while Marwa chose to leave. ‘Inside Kabul’ is the elegantly animated story of what happened next to Marwa and Raha, and what each of them had to go through. Told by the two women themselves through the voice messages they continuously and alternately sent to the radio journalist who is also the film’s director. A beautifully animated audio diary, about two very different choices created by the same situation.