David Krøyer / / 2023

Invasive plant and animal species have changed the Danish landscape. Six nature lovers are on a mission to remove them again, but is it even possible to rewind the human impact on nature, now that we brought them here ourselves?

Six figures immersed in the landscape in a dogged battle against invasive plant and animal species, often brought here by humans themselves. A noble but seemingly impossible mission, for every time a bear claw is removed or a raccoon dog is shot, two more are already on the way. But with a time frame that starts in Ancient history and continues long after our own moment in world history, David Krøyer’s film takes a different look at the stubborn and almost existential project of the six Danish nature lovers. Rather than telling and explaining, Krøyer approaches the subject with the same minimalist ethos as his six protagonists. With sparse dialogue behind composer Magnus Plejdrup’s original score and an agile camera that senses its surroundings rather than simply letting them illustrate its subject, ‘Intruders’ is a rare and beautiful bird in the Danish film landscape.