Is There Anybody Out There?

Ella Glendining / / 2023

Based on her own rare disability, director Ella Glendining takes us on a journey to find others with the same experience as her. A unique and thought-provoking film about overlooked disabilities and invisible norms.

British filmmaker Ella Glendining was born with a rare disability so unusual that it is not recorded in any statistics. So she wonders if there are others out there who share her experience a fact that everyone else seems to take for granted. That is the beginning of a thought-provoking and deeply unusual journey of discovery full of unexpected detours that makes us reconsider everything from humanity, ethics and disability to body culture and parenting – all without providing a ready-made answer to any of them. ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ is a rare and heartfelt film with a disarming sense of British humour.