It's Always Been Me

Julie Bezerra Madsen / / 2023

Touching and timely story about two young people who don't feel like the gender they were born as, and about the importance of an understanding family when making choices that will change the rest of your life.

Max and Bastian are both between childhood and adolescence. Max was born a girl, but has come out as a transgender boy. And Bastian, born a boy, feels more like a girl. They are both faced with the choice of whether to start on hormones to end their puberty. But can you trust themselves when everything is constantly changing? Max and Bastian are surrounded by friends and family who do everything they can to understand them and help them to whatever they decide in Julie Bezerra Madsen’s equally empathetic film, which follows them through a period in life when everyone is changing – some of us just change a bit more than others.