Cille Hannibal / / 2023

A brand new five-part series about the charismatic woman with Denmark's biggest voice and her struggle to do things her own way.

You probably know Jada’s voice, but now you also get the chance to get to know the man behind Denmark’s biggest voice. In a series of five episodes, we follow the young Danish star singer up close. First, we’re in the final stages of creating her new album – the difficult two – and then we’re there when the record is released both nationally and internationally. ‘Jada’ is a journey that takes the viewer right into everything it takes to be a female artist at the very highest level. Told by and through an ultra-charismatic young star who has a lot on her mind and who struggles to do things her own way and without compromising who she is. The series is in five episodes and will premiere in its full length on TV 2 in May. We will show the first three episodes followed by a Q&A moderated by Mads Axelsen plus an acoustic mini-concert with Jada!