Kafka for Kids

Roee Rosen / / 2022

Franz Kafka's famous short story about a man's transformation into an insect, filmed as a surreal version of a children’s TV show by Israeli artist and iconoclast Roee Rosen.

In Franz Kafka’s famous short story ‘The Metamorphosis’, poor Gregor Samsa slowly but surely becomes an insect of indefinable kind. Why? He just does. Kafka’s hair-raising and hysterically funny fable has, in the hands of Israeli artist, satirist and iconoclast Roee Rosen (who recently had a major solo exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg), become something that can best be described as a surrealist version of a children’s TV show – if it can be described at all! But make no mistakes: ‘Kafka for Kids’ is for grown-up kids only. As ever with Rosen, the authorities who are rounded up one by one, as everything from politics and philosophy to language itself is dismantled in his dizzying, delirious show.