Kim's Video

Ashley Sabin & David Redmon / / 2023

The incredible story of how 55,000 rare cult films from the world's most famous video store ended up in Sicily is just the first chapter in a wildly entertaining gonzo detective film. A festival favourite and a must for all video freaks.

The most legendary video store on the planet was called Kim’s Video and was located in downtown New York. When the shop closed, its enigmatic owner, Yongman Kim, announced that he was ready to donate his 55,000-plus rare videotapes to a new owner as long as the collection remained intact. Cut to a Sicilian village full of larger-than-life characters headed by a mayor who would do anything to get a bit of attention. Like, say, opening a Kim’s Video Museum! But once the video collection was shipped to Sicily, no more was heard of them. That’s about the first chapter of a film in which director (and ex-Kim’s Video member) David Redmon goes on a gonzo journalistic road trip to Sicily to track down the mythological video collection – and plan a heist to save it.