Kiss the Future

Nenad Cicin-Sain / & / 2023

U2 in Sarajevo. One of the most important concerts in rock history - and the incredible story of how it came about, told by the band themselves and by the survivors of the besieged city's vibrant punk scene in the dark years of the 1990s.

What happens when an entire city lives as if every day could be its last? ‘Kiss the Future’ tells the inspiring and compelling story of the underground culture that emerged against all odds in Sarajevo in the 1990s – and how a group of young idealists, through incredible detours, got through to U2 and persuaded the world’s biggest rock band to broadcast live TV from the besieged city to the world during the band’s Zoo TV tour. A project that culminated in a legendary concert when the city was finally liberated. Sarajevo was home to a vibrant rock and punk scene during the four years from the outbreak of civil war in 1992, when the city was under siege. Bono and the other members of U2 join the survivors of Sarajevo in a wild, emotional and surprisingly humourous story about choosing music as a weapon. You get goosebumps when the trucks carrying the band’s gear finally roll into town and are greeted with applause as a prelude to one of the most important concerts in rock history, which we of course get a front-row seat to as the finale.