Tove Pils / / 2023

A Swedish woman goes to San Francisco and becomes a sex worker in the city's lively underground scene. Narrated as a cinematic diary with a raw, honest and unfiltered authenticity.

Hanna wants to explore herself and her sexuality beyond the possibilities of her small Swedish hometown. She leaves her girlfriend Emma behind to go to San Francisco with its lively and tolerant queer community. At a party, she meets Chloe and Cyd. One is a dominatrix, the other a transman, both experienced sex workers who dream of stable lives in the growing West Coast city. And with their help, Hanna begins to explore the parts of her sexuality she has only dared to fantasize about. Suddenly working in sex herself, she finds herself in a dilemma between being free and true to herself, and not being able to share her newfound sides of herself with the people she loves most back home in Sweden. But perhaps there is a place – a film, for instance – where the two worlds can meet after all. ‘Labor’ is an intimate story about the difficult struggle to win acceptance of who you are.