Little Richard: I Am Everything

Lisa Cortes / / 2023

Meet the man who invented rock n' roll in an audience favourite from this year's Sundance festival. Black, queer and with self-made showmanship in a film full of rare footage that upends white music history.

Without Little Richard, no rock ‘n’ roll. But no Prince, either. And no moustache on John Waters’ upper lip. In other words: Meet Little Richard, one of rock history’s most extravagant and influential queer stars, whose life story is as full of twists n’ turns as his music. If it wasn’t all true, someone would have to make this man up. Director Lisa Cortés chronicles his conflicted formative journey as a Black, queer man in 1950s America, where sex, religion and rock n’ roll pulled at young Richard Wayne Pennima from every direction until he came out as Little Richard and dragged everyone else onto the dance floor with him.