Love to Love You, Donna Summer

Roger Ross Williams & Brooklyn Sudano / / 2023

The queen of the dance floor is celebrated in a lavishly glamorous yet deeply personal portrait film. Narrated by Summer herself on the soundtrack to a goldmine of rare clips, and co-directed by her daughter.

On any Top 5 list of the most iconic disco songs ever, there’s no way around the two sensual super-bangers ‘I Feel Love’ and ‘Love to Love You’. Donna Summer was the voice and face of disco during its golden heyday in the big cities of the 1970s, where the ultra-hedonistic music became the very soundtrack to the LGBTQ+ revolution that exploded onto dance floors. That’s one side of the story of pop icon and superstar Donna Summer, as told from the front row during her legendary live performances. The other side of her life is less well known, and she tells it herself in a film that paints a nuanced picture of a private woman and mother who tackled life’s ups and downs alongside her career on the world’s biggest stages and nightclubs. Summer tells her own story to a stream of images from the home movies she shot herself. We have checked the crystal ball and can already reveal that ‘Love to Love You, Donna Summer’ will be one of this year’s sensations on the big screen.