Emily Norling / & / 2023

Can love exist without madness? An ultra-intense, high-speed (self-)portrait of four women exploring the darkest corners of love without a filter. Hard, brutal and real – to a score by electro-queen Eartheater.

80 fast-paced minutes with four Swedish women and their different relationships with love. One is obsessed with her former lover. Another is convinced she’s a bad person. A third alternates between being in a hotel and in rehab. And the fourth is the director herself. She feels stuck, and ‘Megaheartz’ is her attempt to break free. What all four have in common is a need for something new. They need to reboot their lives and their relationship with love. An internal research trip without filter in a film that does not follow a traditional logic, so you have to let go of rationality and let yourself be led into the darkness, the pain and the desire. There’s turbulence, ugliness and grittiness in there, in the darkest corners of love, but if you linger long enough there’s also beauty, euphoria and joy. And you might even find the answer to the film’s ultimate question: can love exist without madness?