Nicholas Bruckman / United States, Canada, Cuba, Netherlands & Nigeria / 2023

How can a digital artwork that anyone can download for free be sold for 69 million dollars? Get the answer - and lots of new questions to ponder - in a critical and entertaining film about culture and capital in the 21st century.

It sent shockwaves through the media when three years ago, the largely unknown artist Beeple sold a digital artwork for $69 million at the Christie’s auction house, placing him among the three most expensive living artists in the world – and in ‘Minted’, we are with him in his living room when it happens. The digital collage work is an NFT, a Non Fungible Token, and if you want to understand how a digital file that anyone can download for free can be worth such a delirious amount of money, you have only turned over the first stone in a deeply fascinating investigation into the relationship between technology, artistic value and bursting bubbles. That’s what we get in ‘Minted’, and it starts and ends with a bang.