Moderat: The Last Days

Elisa Mishto & Alexandre Powelz / / 2022

Tenderness, humour and intelligent dance music. Get under the skin of the superstars of Moderat in this cinematic tour de force of a short film about friendship and insecurity.

After 10 years together on an exhausting world tour, Gernot, Sascha and Szary announced in 2017 a creative break from their joint project, the IDM/technopop band Moderat. Not sure if they would ever perform together again, they allowed themselves to be interviewed in a hotel room – separated from each other – and the extraordinarily intimate conversations are brought to life in the film with great artistic finesse. Black and white images of the musicians slowly manifest on the screen like watercolour paintings as we hear them describe each other, question the dominant image of masculinity in the music world and confide in us their fears, insecurities and dreams. It’s a film about friendship and the pain and beauty of making music together, and it all explodes into pure techno-catarsis at the end.