Victoria Mapplebeck / United Kingdom / 2024

BAFTA winning Director, Victoria Mapplebeck, has spent the last two decades filming the joy, pain and comedy of raising her 19 year old son Jim alone. MOTHERBOARD is a celebration of motherhood and proof that epic journeys can begin and end at home

At 38, Victoria found herself single pregnant and broke. Shooting almost every day with her smartphone, Victoria has captured each twist and turn in her son’s life, from the thumbs-up he gave her during her first scan to his first day at college. We will follow Victoria and Jim’s journey as they navigate their way through two generations of absent dads, Victoria’s breast cancer and Jim’s struggles with depression and binge drinking.

MOTHERBOARD is the antidote to the judgmental and unrealistic expectations we have about motherhood. It charts the trials, traumas and occasional triumphs of lone parenting and shines a light on the diversity of contemporary family life. It’s a portrait of a family without filters, an honest, funny and relatable film for any mother who has wept tears of both joy and frustration