Much Ado About Dying

Simon Chambers / & / 2022

The humour is arch-British, but the emotions are genuine in this Shakespearean tale of a wonderfully mad man who is dying (or not!), and of his nephew who is trying to immortalise him on film.

Director Simon Chambers has gone to India to make a film about cars. But suddenly his British uncle David calls to say he’s dying. But when the nephew heads back to England, it turns out the uncle is more dramatic than dying. Uncle David is, in fact, a closeted old theatre actor who trips around half-naked in his mess of a home quoting Shakespeare. But while he’s at it, his nephew Simon turns on his camera and starts filming his old uncle for a movie worthy of a Shakespeare play. Every time you think the story is falling place, it ties itself in a new dramatic knot, creating terrific cinematic moments where you can’t help but surrender and let your emotions flow.