My First Home

Victoria Vogel Salomonsen / & / 2023

Techno-paced blitz portrait of Dutch Lola and the great but impossible love she had to run away from if she wanted to continue living.

If Lola wanted to break up with heroin, she had to leave the Italian man she was with as a young girl and with whom she took the heroin. She did, and now she’s a woman in her 60s, energetically tumbling around the Netherlands. She still considers the relationship of her youth her first home. But the home she has since created for herself is filled with fourteen colourful birds, special clothes and glittering beads she has carefully collected over the years. ‘My First Home’ is an aesthetic journey into Lola’s world, alternating between observation and fast-cut sections full of overlit photographs and techno music. But most of all, it’s a film about love. Both the kind of love you walk away from but never really recover from, and the kind of love you find instead.