Nam June Paik: Moon is the Oldest TV

Amanda Kim / & / 2023

The first major film about the visionary video artist and conceptualist Nam June Paik is a compelling story of a completely unpredictable creative being who has never been more relevant than in our own media-saturated moment.

The rest of the world is still catching up with Nam June Paik. An almost limitless artistic talent, he is today hailed as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century thanks to his work in video and conceptual art. And now he has finally been given the portrait film he deserves. Amanda Kim tells the compelling and inspiring story of Paik as a self-made citizen of the world, who viewed both the present and predicted the future with astonishing insight. The story takes us from Paik’s landmark meeting with avant-garde composer John Cage, to his experiments in the Fluxus movement, to his revolution of video art in the electronic age. The Korean artist’s playfulness and perpetual experimentation are translated a first-rate portrait with guest appearances by artists such as Park Seo-bo, Marina Abramović and Ulysses Jenkins.