New Centuries are Rare

coyote / / 2023

A collective video work that activates the many stories embedded in the mining area where the Norberg techno festival is held every summer.

‘New Centuries are Rare’ establishes a timeline from the 1900s miner strikes to the establishment of the electronic music festival in Norberg a hundred years later, when the rave scene moved into the old industrial buildings. With shots stretching from the political struggles of miners in the unions of the time to the post-industrialisation of today, Danish-Swedish artist collective coyote have created a video work shrouded in the fumes of both mining and smoke machines, illustrated by clips from the early rave parties that laid the foundations of alternative club culture in the 1990s as a place not only for hedonistic escapism, but for political activity in theory and practice. Psychological, chemical and technological rhythms resonate across the archaic topography of the place over a hundred years.